Regional Business Directorate

The Regional Business Directorate manages the operations of Regional Business Center within the Southwestern Division. It is comprised of the  Business Management Division,  Business Resources Division and Business Technical Division.   It serves as the lead liaison efforts between regional boards and functional boards synchronizing activities with a particular focus on regional issues.

 The directorate performs strategic evaluation of resource allocation proposals and develops recommendations for the SWD Commander.  It also leads the Project Management Business Process (PMBP) throughout the Regional Business Center, as well as strategic planning initiatives and monitoring and coordinating the implementation of HQUSACE Strategic Planning Initiatives. 

 The Directorate establishes overall strategic direction for outreach activities in concert with the Regional Command Council (RCC) and RMB, and develops, implements, and maintains a regional outreach plan throughout the RBC. It also provides policy guidance, coordination, and execution of assigned program missions.