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USACE Southwestern Division: Working with our partners to deliver value to our Nation
Our SWD Regional Priorities Brochure describes our Civil Works priorities, the benefits they bring to the region and the Nation, and what our partners say about our combined efforts.
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The President has appointed Brig. Gen. David C. Hill to the Mississippi River Commission
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President appoints Brig. Gen. Hill to Mississippi River Commission

DALLAS—Brig. Gen. David C. Hill, commander of the Southwestern Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has been appointed to the Mississippi River Commission by President Barack Obama.

Division Regional Business Director Perez talks Hispanic heritage, education for students, young professionals

DALLAS - For many Hispanics, their journey to attain their “American Dream” began from counties near

Army Corps of Engineers projects prevent $13.3 billion in flood damages during spring rains

DALLAS—U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood risk reduction projects in the south central and southwestern United States prevented an estimated $13.3 billion in damages to local communities and infrastructure during the May-June 2015 flood event , according to recent calculations by Corps officials with the Southwestern Division in Dallas. The most damages prevented were in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, where the figure stood at $6.7 billion. Closely following was the greater Houston area with $6.4 billion in flood damages prevented.

Pete Perez, Regional Business Director


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