Operations Division

The Operations Division is responsible for the ongoing operations and maintenance effort of over $2.4 billion in water resources infrastructure located within Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.  Operations Division oversees projects and programs in the areas of flood damage reduction, inland and coastal navigation, hydropower generation, environmental stewardship and compliance, recreation, and water supply.

Aging Infrastructure

The Corps faces four major challenges in managing the SWD portfolio towards sustainability: aging infrastructure, changing demands, changing conditions, and fiscal challenges. The average age of the structures within the Southwestern Division is 49 years. Many structures are approaching, have reached, or have exceeded their engineered design life. This impacts the ability for these projects to continue to provide the full level of benefits they were designed to provide. For instance, outdated components at hydropower plants reduce the capability and efficiency of power generation. The age and condition at many recreational areas such as deteriorated and poorly maintained camping sites and boat ramps, un-repaired wastewater treatment systems, wastewater treatment systems that do not meet current environmental standards, and closed visitor centers decreases the overall public enjoyment and satisfaction. To address these challenges, USACE has embarked on an initiative to develop a sustainable water resources infrastructure system that integrates lifecycle infrastructure management, risk-informed planning, and decision making. Lifecycle management includes revitalization plans for aging infrastructure, planning and constructing infrastructure as integrated systems, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and maintenance through asset management and increasing the environmental sustainability of the infrastructure.