Sustainability & Energy

The Regional Energy Center of Expertise for Southwestern Division is led by the Fort Worth District.  The sustainability and energy technical capability of the entire region is brought to bear on products and services for our customers.

The Regional Center of Expertise provides energy sustainability and conservation measures, program management actions, technical support, finance and contract vehicles for the SWD area of responsibility. 

The SWD CX implements numerous methods to support NetZero installations including, but not limited to:

  •  Energy audits and related program actions
  •  Life cycle cost analyses
  • Creative methods for reduction of energy, water, & waste
  • Renewable energy criteria for site energy service performance contracts
  • Cooperative agreements for private investment opportunities and energy privatization costs
  • Support to Military Construction - to achieve sustainability goals
  • Comprehensive project technical support
  •  Low Impact Development planning


For more information, please contact the SWD Regional Energy Center of Expertise at 817-886-1926



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