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Our Installation Support Team is ready to provide a wide array of products and services. Whether the support

comes from our in-house work force, other Corps Districts or Labs, or from the private sector, the Installation

Support Team will work with you to determine the best value.


Specialty Services:

Utilities Privatization Support

Commercial Activities Review

Business Process Review

ESPC Quick Start

Web-Based Applications


Contracting Support:

Solicitation Development

JOC and MATOC Access

Utility Services


Real Estate:

Land Acquisition


Land Disposal

Easements & Rights of Way


Management Support:

Selection Boards

Contract Administration

Engineered Management Systems



Technical Support:

Engineering Assessments

SOW Development

Design Review

Quality Assurance

Economic Analysis (Econ. Pack.)


Master Planning Services:

Planning Charettes Programming

Comprehensive Master Plans

Summary Development Plans

1391 Preparation

Utilities Inventory & Assessment CADD/GIS

NEPA Documentation.


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Military Integration Division

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Installation Support

Mission of the ISO

The SWD Installation Support (IS) mission encompasses smaller-scaled engineering, construction, environmental and real estate services to our military customers under their facility sustainment, restoration and maintenance (SRM) program.  SWD’s average SRM reimbursable workload totals about $300M - $400M per fiscal year.  In FY09-10, the American Recovery and Restoration Act (ARRA) provided our districts with the unique challenge of an additional 101 projects at a Program Amount of $364 million above their normal SRM workload. 

Through SWD’s three military district offices, Operations & Management (O&M) technical services are provided to eighteen to twenty-two installation/base facility engineers on a reimbursable basis.  IS services provided may include, but not limited to, construction, alteration, operation, maintenance, and repair of common use infrastructure (e.g., roads, grounds, surfaced areas, structures, real property and installed equipment).  It may also include construction services for common benefit areas, but most importantly, energy consumption and reduction efforts. 

Additionally, SWD provides assistance in operational support for installation national/natural disaster preparedness programs and related services, equipment, and facility support for emergencies and wartime operations.  Products or services typically cover a full suite of technical services ranging from Master Planning studies, Planning Charrettes, 1391 Preparation, NEPA documentation, Engineering Assessments, Economic Analyses, Contract Administration, Real Estate appraisals & land disposal and easements & right of way.