Real Estate Mission Statement

  • Acquires, manages and disposes of real estate for the Department of the Army,
  • Executes DoD Executive Agent responsibilities,
  • Executes specialized programs,
  • Provides real estate services on an as-needed basis to our government Partners, and
  • Performs unique contingency capabilities.

For more information on the SWD Real Estate, call 469-487-7031.

Real Estate Mission Areas

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 Disposal of Real Property includes the following activities:

Army or civil works land determined excess

Partner with General Services Administration (GSA)

Early coordination Develop marketing strategies

Environmental remediation


Transfer of Army Military or civil works property

Federal agencies

Third-party (state, local or private) as directed by Congress

 DoD Executive Agent

Recruiting Facilities Program

Acquire and manage recruiting stations for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps Commands

Homeowner’s Assistance Program

 Real Estate Partners

Military: Army, Air Force, Defense Agencies, National Guard, Recruiting Command Reserves

Civil: Army, Non-Federal Sponsors

Interagency and International Services: Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, Department of Interior, Department of Justice, Environmental Protection Agency, and General Services Administration

 Real Property Acquisition includes the following activities:


Fee (training lands, dams, reservoirs)

Easements (access, utilities, flooding, navigation)

Rights-of-entry, permits, licenses (early access, surveys, environmental investigation) 

(Fort Polk Land Acquisition.)



Lease Build-to-suit/turn-key


Acquire by negotiation or condemnation

 Real Property Management activities include the following:

Third-party use of Army and Civil Works property

Outgrants (lease, easement, license, permit)

 Office space

 Industrial Agricultural & grazing

 Fish & wildlife




National Guard facilities

Asset management

Army property including land

Boundary disputes

Annual inspections of marinas, campgrounds and other facilities

 Special Programs

Leased Government Housing

Leases of Housing for Families & Unaccompanied Personnel from Army, Navy and Air Force

 Unique Contingency Capabilities

Contingency Real Estate Support Team (CREST)

Real estate support for overseas contingency operations

Real Estate Planning Response Team (REPRT)

Real estate support for natural and national disasters

Acquisition for mobilization

Emergency housing/quarters

Training land/facilities, fly-overs, staging areas

Docking facilities

Land management for mobilization


Recapture property

Non-industrial facilities