Hero of the Month

Daniel Foyil, a procurement analyst with the Tulsa District was selected as the Southwestern Division Hero of the Month. Foyil serves as a Team Lead for the Business Oversight Branch. He is recognized for his dedicated support of the Contracting Division.

Foyil has been instrumental in educating the Contracting workforce on several changes in policies and procedures such as, National Institute of Standards and Technology reporting, Warrants, Back-to-Basics, and the transition to the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment Solicitation Module. 

He continually goes above and beyond to provide acquisition support to his contracting team and recently spearheaded the Tulsa District's response to its Fiscal Year 2021 Procurement Management Review. Foyil took immediate action to develop the Tulsa District Corrective Action Plan, coordinated its approval up through Headquarters, USACE, and has led CAP training implementation across the District.

In addition, Foyil is currently providing invaluable support and direct oversight for several critical, high-visibility projects, such as the $495 million SB/UR MATOC; 3 Bay Hanger at Tinker AFB, Okla., and the $200 million Architectural/Engineering Master Planning tool for the Regional Planning and Environmental Center, as they undergo senior contracting official level and peer reviews. His efforts and reliable support of our acquisition workforce, along with his superior management, technical expertise and commitment to the mission have been a tremendous asset and heavily relied upon across the Tulsa District and the Southwestern Division.


Welcome to the Southwestern Division’s Regional Contracting Team! We are at your service.

The Southwestern Division is comprised of five execution contracting offices and one regional support office.  The mission execution teams include the Fort Worth, Tulsa, Galveston and Little Rock Districts, as well as a regional Interagency and International Services (IIS) contracting team. The overall contracting mission is the responsibility of the Regional Chief of Contracting (RCC) team, who also serves as business advisors to the Division Commander. Although the RCC team does not award contracts directly, each member of the team is wholly committed to supporting the Mission and delivering VALUE to our nation.  Please feel free to click on each contracting site for more details and let us know if we can provide more information.

For upcoming contracting opportunities, we encourage you to visit SAM.gov, the Federal Government’s centralized site for contracting opportunities.

Contracting Around the Division

District Medical Support Team meet with Defense Health Agency reps.

The Little Rock District hosted Navy Captain Mark Lieb, Chief of Facilities Enterprise, and Roy Hirchak, Chief of Facilities Operations from the Defense Health Agency. Col. Eric Noe and members of the District’s Medical Support Team discussed the challenges and opportunities the two agencies share. Little Rock and DHA partner together to ensure U.S. Military medical facilities around the globe can provide our nation’s servicemembers with first-rate health services.

The DHA is a joint, integrated Combat Support Agency that enables the Army, Navy, and Air Force medical services to provide a medically ready force and ready medical force to Combatant Commands during peace and war. The DHA supports the delivery of integrated, affordable, and high-quality health services to Military Health System beneficiaries and is responsible for driving greater integration of clinical and business processes across the System. The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers has three Military Medical Support Teams that support the DHA’s mission with technical expertise in medical sustainment, restoration and modernization work. Those teams are in the Little Rock and Mobile District, and the Huntsville Center.

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