Hero of the Month

Joseph Chun is being featured as our Hero of the Month for his outstanding support of the Government Purchase Card Program in the Galveston District. 

In addition to his duties as the Primary Agency/Organization Program Coordinator for the Galveston District, he is heavily relied upon for his management of 35 separate accounts. Chun is also known for volunteering to support other Districts across the Southwestern Division and recently volunteered to backfill the A/OPC position for the Fort Worth District.  He is highly sought after for his technical expertise and professional support to the Division. 

La Poncer Randall-Allen, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Government Purchase Card Program  A/OPC-Level 3 personally recommended Chun oversee all 140 accounts at the Fort Worth District and when approached with the expanded assignment, he rose to the challenge.

Chun’s effective and personable management style has helped Galveston and Fort Worth Districts realign their entire GPC program in order to comply with USACE operating guidelines. His efforts and leadership extend to the personalized one-on-one, on-the-job training he provides across the Division.

Finally, we’d like to recognize Chun’s recent in-house inspection efforts of SWF’s GPC program which proved highly effective in informing the Fort Worth leadership on existing and new GPC guidelines and policies. Congratulations to our hero of the month, Joseph Chun.


Welcome to the Southwestern Division’s Regional Contracting Team!  We are AT YOUR SERVICE!

The Southwestern Division is comprised of four District Offices and each has a separate Contracting and Small Business Office ready to serve.  Click on each District Contracting Site for more details.  Although the Division team does not award contracts directly, each member of the team is wholly committed to supporting the Mission and delivering VALUE to our nation.  Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

For upcoming contracting opportunities, we encourage you to visit SAM.gov, the Federal Government’s centralized site for contracting opportunities.

Contracting Around the Division

Little Rock District hosts Media Day at Arkansas levees 

Local, state and Federal officials recently attended a Media Day at the Faulkner and Perry County Levees in Conway, Ark., hosted by the Little Rock District to update the public on the status of rehabilitation work on the Faulkner County Levee and announce work has begun on the Perry County Levee.

The historic 2019 Arkansas River flood impacted hundreds of communities in Arkansas and Oklahoma. The Faulkner County levee, also known as the Lollie Levee, sustained a near breach with an approximately 200-foot-long eroded section creating a reduced level of protection to the leveed area. Permanent repairs are currently underway, with construction scheduled to be substantially complete this spring and fully complete this summer.

The entire Perry County levee system was overtopped, and the levee was breached or damaged in at least 19 locations. Repair work is underway and expected to be completed by summer 2021. To date, four of the levees in the Rehabilitation and Inspection Program have had repairs initiated or substantially completed. 

Data Universal Numbering System Numbers

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Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) provides DUNS numbers, a unique nine-digit identification number, for each physical location of your business. A DUNS number is required by the Federal government for all businesses interested in Federal procurement related activities. Obtain a DUNS number by calling (866) 705-5711 (7am-8pm CST). The automated process has several steps before connecting you to a live person who will assign the DUNS number(s). The process takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

Legal Name

Trade style, Doing Business As (DBA), or other name by which your organization is commonly recognized

Physical Address, City, State and Zip Code

Mailing Address (if separate)

Telephone Number

Contact Name

SIC Code (Line of Business): http://www.sec.gov/info/edgar/siccodes.htm

Number of Employees at your location

Headquarters name and address (if there is a reporting relationship to a parent corporate entity)

Is this a home-based business?
Visit the following website for information about D&B, DUNS numbers, frequently asked questions and to obtain a DUNS number(s). Please note that obtaining a DUNS number via the website takes 1 business day: https://fedgov.dnb.com/webform/pages/CCRSearch.jsp