Heroes of the Month

Tulsa District A-E & Construction Contracting Branch

Back Row: Dario Rissone, MAJ Daniel Jernigan, Lindsey Byfield, Terry “Hawk” Hawkins, Robert Connors; Front Row: Shawn Brady, Melissa Hyslop, Ryan Kelly, Rudolfo “Rudy” Morales; Not Pictured: Shay Hill, Tyler Godwin, Jon Larvick and Ronica Smith. 

The Southwestern Division, Regional Chief of Contracting, nominates the Tulsa District A-E & Construction Contracting Branch as our “Heroes of the Month.” 

This cohesive, tight-knit team worked diligently through the end of FY22 to ensure all contracting actions supporting the Tulsa District Military and Civil Works programs were executed in a timely and efficient manner to ensure mission success. 

While the end of every fiscal year is a stressful time, it became even more so with the landfall of Hurricane Ian, a large and destructive Category 4 storm that was the deadliest hurricane to strike Florida since 1935. In response, two Tulsa teammates from the A-E & Construction Contracting Branch deployed, as part of the Power Response Team to provide temporary power emergency operations to critical infrastructure.

Finding themselves down two acquisition professionals during year-end, members of their team selflessly stepped in and took ownership of additional workload and oversaw all remaining mission requirements through to award. The collaboration across the team continued to ensure no one team member struggled.  Their ability to work diligently and execute flawlessly demonstrated their devotion to each other, the Tulsa District and the community impacted by this devastating storm.  Their efforts ensured all mission requirements were executed by the unprecedented time of 1400 on 30 September 2022. 

For these acts of discipline, determination, and teamwork, we honor the Tulsa District A-E & Construction Contracting Branch for their exemplary performance and contracting excellence!  Thank you for leading in face of adversity! 

Each of you are SWD’s Heroes of the Month!

Welcome to the Southwestern Division’s Regional Contracting Team!

The Southwestern Division is comprised of five execution contracting offices and one regional support office.  The mission execution teams include the Fort Worth, Tulsa, Galveston and Little Rock Districts, as well as a regional Interagency and International Services (IIS) contracting team. The overall contracting mission is the responsibility of the Regional Chief of Contracting (RCC) team, who also serves as business advisors to the Division Commander. Although the RCC team does not award contracts directly, each member of the team is wholly committed to supporting the Mission and delivering VALUE to our nation.  Please feel free to click on each contracting site for more details and let us know if we can provide more information.

For upcoming contracting opportunities, we encourage you to visit SAM.gov, the Federal Government’s centralized site for contracting opportunities.

                        Mr. David M. Curry        Mr. Ruben A. Campos     Ms. Khristina M. Sandoval
                   Regional Chief of Contracting     Senior Procurement Analyst         Procurement Analyst

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Mr. David Curry, Southwestern Division's Regional Chief of Contracting briefed PIVOT (Price Includes Variation over Time) at the Construction Management Association of America  & SAME Joint Program: "What does the Future Look Like for Owners" Conference at the University of Texas-Dallas

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