Civil Works Integration Division

The Civil Works Integration Division is responsible for the overall guidance, development, defense, and execution of the Civil Works Program within the Southwestern Division (SWD).  The Civil Works Program focuses on the planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of water resource projects to meet the region's need for water supply, flood risk management, navigation, aquatic ecosystem restoration, hydropower, recreation, and other water-related needs.  

The Civil Works Integration Division Team provides regional program support to the execution of Civil Works Program across all or part of six States covering 376,300 sq miles, with an active program valued at approximately $600M annually.  The role of the Civil Works Integration Division includes: 

  • Development of the annual Civil Works budget for the Investigations (planning and design), Construction (project construction), and Operation and Maintenance Accounts.
  • Congressional and stakeholder engagement.
  • Development and interpretation of Civil Works policy and directives
  • Management and oversight of the Southwestern Division’s Civil Works program execution.

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