Business Management Division Mission

The SWD Business Management Division (BMD) provides regional corporate business operations and management of the Regional Business Center (RBC), Regional Command Council (RCC), and the Regional Management Board (RMB).  Leads liaison efforts between the RMB and Communities of Practice synchronizing activities with a particular focus on regional issues.  Performs strategic evaluations of resource allocation proposals, strategic initiatives, and develops recommendations for the Division Commander.  Leads strategic planning initiatives; monitors and coordinates implementation of HQUSACE Strategic Planning Initiatives.  Establishes overall strategic direction for outreach activities in concert with the RCC and the RMB.  Establishes and maintains quality assurance oversight to assure delivery of quality products and services which are customer focused.  Serve as the RBC data architect and systems integrator, including integration and interface of regional databases, data storage/extraction requirements resulting from the RBC business process.  Oversee and provide regional management for workforce development, technical training, and leadership development. 


Contact Us

Chief, Business Management Division
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Business Operations Manager 
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Customer Outreach Manager
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Program Analysis and Evaluation Manager
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Quality Management Manager
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Strategic Planning Manager
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Workforce Development Manager
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Website Content Manager
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