Planning Center of Expertise for Water Management and Reallocation Studies

The Planning Center of Expertise (PCX) for Water Management and Reallocation Studies (WMRS) provides technical support and peer review for studies related to conservation storage in multipurpose reservoirs.  Typically, the PCX supports studies with municipal and industrial (M&I) water supply as a primary purpose, but the PCX can support a variety of watershed studies, water control manual updates and other decision documents related to water management and conservation purposes.  The PCX also offers support for studies related to significant recreational improvements at Corps projects. 

In August 2003, the Corps’ Director of Civil Works established national planning centers of expertise by mission areas and assigned each PCX to a major subordinate command.  The WMRS PCX was assigned to the Corps’ Southwestern Division office in Dallas, Texas.  The Southwestern Division owns and operates the majority of Corps reservoir projects that include conservation storage for water supply.  Other PCXs include Hydropower, Flood Risk Management, Coastal Storm Damage Reduction, Ecosystem Restoration, Deep Draft Navigation and Inland Navigation.  The PCXs enhance the Corps’ planning capability through the following processes:

  • Manage peer review of technical studies in accordance with law, Administration policy, and Corps guidance;
  • Provide quality assurance of planning models;
  • Support Project Delivery Teams with technical services;
  • Develop training, process improvements and lessons learned related to the PCX mission areas;
  • Provide support for Headquarters, USACE, in policy development; and
  • Support the Corps’ Research and Development program in the PCX mission areas.

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