Continuing Authorities Program


The Continuing Authorities Program (CAP) establishes a process by which the Corps of Engineers can respond to a variety of water resource problems without the need to obtain specific congressional authorization for each project.  The CAP is comprised of legislative authorities that the Secretary of the Army, acting through the Chief of Engineers, has authorization to plan, design, and implement certain types of water resources projects.  Each authority has its own program authority and strict limits on the federal contribution.


Continuing Authority Program Description and Limits

Authority Description Federal Limit Per Project Annual Federal  Program Limit Federal Construction Cost Share
Sec 14 Emergency stream bank and shoreline protection for public facilities in imminent danger of failing.   $       5,000,000  $    20,000,000 65%
Sec 103 Protection of public and private properties and facilities against damages caused by storm driven waves and currents by the construction of revetments, groins, and jetties, and may also include periodic sand replenishment.   $       5,000,000  $    30,000,000 65%
Sec 107 Improvements to navigation including dredging of channels and widening of turning basins.  $    10,000,000  $    50,000,000 Varies
Sec 111 Prevention or mitigation of erosion damages to public or privately owned shores along the coastline when the damages are a result of a Federal navigation project.  $    10,000,000  Not Applicable  Varies
Sec 204 Regional Sediment Management and beneficial use of dredged material from new or existing Federal projects.  $    10,000,000  $    50,000,000 65%
Sec 205 Flooding protection through non-structural (evacuation, flood warning) or structural floodrisk management features (levees\channels\dams).   $    10,000,000  $    20,000,000 65%
Sec 206 Aquatic Ecosystem restoration.  $    10,000,000  $    55,000,000 65%
Sec 208 Local protection from flooding by channel clearing and excavation, with limited embankment construction using  materials from the clearing operation only.  $          500,000  $       7,500,000 65%
Sec 1135 Modifications of USACE constructed water resources projects to improve\restore the quality of the environment at locations where an existing Corps project contributed to the degradation.  $    10,000,000  $    40,000,000 75%