USACE Drought Response Actions


DroughtAction Level 


Typical Activities


  • Water Management accounting of conservation storage by users on a monthly basis when 75% of the conservation pool remains
  • Encourage a balanced drawdown of hydropower lakes
  • Meet monthly with SWPA to allocate power for the following month
  • Notify state Water Resources Board and users when 50% of conservation storage remains
  • Activate and schedule regular meetings of Corps  Drought Management Committee   to review project status and requests for assistance
  • Recommend SWPA limit power production to firm yield; monitor pool draw down limits
  •  Promote conservation of water to users when they use over 50% of their authorized storage
  •  Provide resident offices with long range lake level forecasts to be passed on to concessionaires and dock owners
  • Cease releases for non-critical project testing and inspection
  •  Schedule AD Hoc meeting of Interagency Drought Management Committee
  • Notify public of possible boating safety hazards due to low lake levels
  • Activate the Interagency Drought Management Committee
  • Instruct operations project manager to post warnings, closings, and boating hazards
  • Begin weekly storage accounting procedures and provide updates on storage balances.
  • Notify state Water Resources Board and users when 25% of conservation storage remains
  • Comments should be sought by the Corps Drought Management Committee from interested individuals and groups so that they can best advise the District Commander on drought management decisions
  • Schedule more frequent meetings of Corps Drought Management Committee as necessary
  • Evaluate water intakes of contracted in-lake water users
  • Identify surplus water supply for municipal and industrial use and costs
  • Notify contract water users of impending need to contract for emergency water needs
  • Minimize special event recreation releases
  • Notify SWPA of impending restrictions of hydropower productio
  • Increase frequency of water supply accounting as needed
  • District Engineer and staff to determine surplus water available at Corps projects.
  • Notify state Water Resources Board and users when 10% of conservation storage remains
  • Make no releases for special events except as approved by District Engineer
  • Begin planning priorities of usage for inactive storage         
  • Notify contract water users of impending need to arrange for emergency water needs
  • Contract emergency water supplies if available
  • Monitor downstream M&I and all lake users as releases are reduced to minimum releases
  • Increase frequency of water supply accounting to weekly if needed