Military Munitions Support Services

 The Southwestern Division in a partnership with the South Pacific Division forms the USACE Range Support Center (RSC)  The SPD/SWD RSC is one of four U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) military munitions design centers staffed to perform all phases of military munitions work including design, management, and oversight. The Range Support Center specializes in providing operational range maintenance and military munitions support services (M2S2) within the South Pacific and Southwestern Divisions.   Specific project teams are developed and tailored to meet the unique conditions and requirements of each project. The team includes technical experts from five USACE Districts: Albuquerque, Ft. Worth, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Tulsa).  The Fort Worth district serves as a Remedial Action District within the Southwestern Division.   The SPD/SWD RSC can provide access to the expertise across the entire M2S2 Community of Practice within the Corps of Engineers.   DOD and USACE has implemented an extensive education and reporting program (Recognize, Retreat, Report) to ensure public safety by promoting safety awareness among children and adults who may find remnants of military munitions (ammo) while outdoors.  The UXO safety education program and the site offer materials parents and teachers can use to teach children about the potential danger and the need to remember the 3Rs of unexploded ordnance safety -- Recognize, Retreat and Report.