Programs Directorate

As the program executive for SWD, the Programs Director (PD) provides technical expertise and leadership to guide, direct, and control mission execution in the formulation, defense, and execution of the Civil Works, Military, and International and Interagency Support within SWD.  The PD contributes senior leadership and participates in regional business processes to ensure the intent of Congress is carried out for Congressionally-funded programs and projects.  Through the business lines of the Civil Works Integration Division (CWID) and the Military Integration Division (MID), all work completed within the SWD Region will be managed from the viewpoint of the end user and the customer.  Through the Programs Directorate Functional Divisions and its Technical Teams, which are arranged to serve as District Support Teams, delivery of quality projects and services to the customers within SWD  are expected to be high quality, on-time, and within budget.