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US Army Corps of Engineers
Southwestern Division Website

Archive: October, 2013
  • Ron Richards named USACE Logistician of the Year

    DALLAS-The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Southwestern Division’s Regional Logistics Manager, Ron Richards, has been named USACE 2012 Meritorious Logistician of the Year.
  • Kamisato named acting SWD Regional Business Director

    DALLAS—The Southwestern Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has named Mr. Brian Kamisato as the Acting Director of the Regional Business Directorate at the Division headquarters here beginning Oct. 21. Kamisato will manage the operations of the Regional Business Center and oversee three divisions: the Business Technical Division, Business Management Division, and Business Resources Division. He will lead the regional governance boards and synchronize activities with a particular focus on regional issues. Kamisato will serve in this position until the arrival or Mr. Pete Perez, whose permanent selection for the position and appointment to the Senior Executive Service was announced last month.
  • Building together...for the long haul

    Pacesetter Team, You have been uppermost in our minds and hearts during the last 10 days, as we have worked through the turbulent times of a government shutdown. Our Chief of Engineers, Lt. Gen. Bostick, puts you first when he talks about his concerns on the shutdown, and I echo his thoughts, as do all the leadership in the Southwestern Division and across the Corps of Engineers.
  • Tommy Schmidt: Remembering the life and legacy of a transformative engineer

    The Corps of Engineers recently marked the passing of a major transformational leader: Tommy Schmidt, former Southwestern Division Dam Safety Program Manager and senior Geotechnical Engineer. Schmidt passed away in Fort Worth on Aug. 16, about a year and a half after his retirement; he had provided outstanding service to the Corps of Engineers and the nation for almost four decades.